Buy Walmart Liquidation Truckloads

The two most common ways to make money as an inventory liquidator are either focusing on moving a large volume of low-margin products or a smaller volume of high-margin products. Walmart liquidation truckloads are the ultimate weapon in your sales arsenal because they give you the best of both worlds. They contain a huge mix of general merchandise that ranges in value. You’ll get some cheaper items that sell for $10 and under, and you’ll also get more expensive items that are $100 and over.

Whether you’re an eBay seller, discount store owner, Amazon seller, or a flea market vendor, the key to making more money is sourcing the right products for your store. And, that can be a difficult task because unless you’re a large company, you can’t get direct access to liquidation inventory from retailers like Walmart. That’s where we come in. We offer you the opportunity to buy Walmart truck loads at low prices, so you can boost your profit margin fast.

Why Buy a Walmart Truck Load of General Merchandise?

There are many reasons why it’s smarter to buy a truckload of inventory over a few pallets. The first reason is the price. Shipping companies charge a flat fee based on your delivery location. Once you’ve paid for the truck, the overall price only increases slightly with additional pallets. If you only purchase a few pallets of inventory at a time, you’re paying a higher relative fee per pallet. Therefore, you save the most money by purchasing liquidated goods in bulk.

The only two concerns that prohibit some people from ordering a full truck are money and space. If money is the concern, save it up for a few months, borrow it, split it with someone, or take out a loan. With big investments come big rewards. You have to be willing to invest in yourself and your business in order to grow it. The profit margin on a truck of inventory is much greater than anything you can get purchasing by the pallet.

If not having enough space is your primary concern, find a way to make it happen. Store products in your apartment or home, put some inventory in the garage, use a neighbor’s or friend’s land, or rent a storage unit for a couple months. Not is an excuse people use to justify slow growth of their business. Limited space is only a temporary problem. Once you make some money from sales, you can buy a bigger space. As your company grows, you can start looking at leasing part of a local warehouse.

Another reason to buy a truck of Walmart goods instead of pallets is the type of the products you receive. Walmart general merchandise truckloads come with 26 or more pallets, which guarantees you variety and creates a higher probability of getting some great, fast-moving inventory like HBA or electronics. However, when you purchase unmanifested returns, you never know exactly what you’re going to get. Some products will be brand new or open box, some will be used, and some may be missing pieces. If you got a little unlucky and a couple of pallets from the truck weren’t very good, it’s okay because that cost is easily absorbed by all the other pallets that came in. On the other hand, if you had only ordered a few pallets, you would have a hard time earning a profit.

The third reason to buy a general merchandise truckload is the impressive effect that increased product variety has on your customer base. Having a large assortment of merchandise from all different categories attracts new customers that you never would have gotten before. This benefit is particularly big for flea market vendors. There are always exceptions, but most flea market sellers offer either food or clothing. General merchandise is the best stuff to sell at flea markets to make more money.

Having a wide selection of goods makes you stand out, giving you a huge advantage over the competition. It also creates a snowball effect. When people walking nearby see a crowd of customers in your flea market space, they want to know what’s going on, so they come over too. It makes all the other vendors jealous, but you’ll make big money. The pictures below are from one of our customers who ordered a Walmart return truckload. Their first day at the flea market they made $4,679 in cash.

walmart customer returns inventory

Get Liquidation Merchandise in Bulk on Demand

Bulk orders of high-quality general merchandise come in an 18-wheeler, full of pallets that are wrapped and untouched. Everything comes directly from Walmart and containing a mix of unmanifested customer returns. If you’re ready to increase your revenue, contact our team today and ask about Walmart returns. We’ll handle the shipping for you so you don’t have to worry about a thing.  Fill out the contact form on the homepage or call to order one of our Walmart liquidation truckloads.