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Estate Liquidation Services in Queens, Long Island, Manhattan, New York

We have some of the best estate liquidators NYC has to offer, and we can certainly help you sell your home and its contents. For the past 26 years, we have provided estate liquidation services in Queens, Long Island, Manhattan, and more. Whether you’re looking to sell the home or auction off a substantial portion of its assets, our experts are happy to assist you.

Having been in the industry for many years, we’ve seen it all. We understand how challenging it can be to determine what to do with the deceased’s belongings. Typically, we find that estate sales fall into one of six categories:

  • The survivors or heirs have no interest in the assets left behind by the deceased
  • The survivors or heirs don’t have the space to keep the belongings
  • The survivors or heirs are unable to agree on the best way to divide the assets
  • The will of the deceased requires the sale of the estate or its assets
  • The property owner is relocating and can no longer maintain the property
  • The estate sale has been mandated by the court as a result of a divorce

Once you’ve identified the category that best fits your situation, your life becomes a little easier because it narrows down the list of available options. And, the great thing about working with an experienced company like ours is that we can help you navigate through the process.

Our NYC estate buyers also have the financial ability to purchase your estate and all its contents if that’s in everyone’s best interest. If we buy your estate, we’ll take care of everything for free. Our home content buyers will collect all the possessions, antiques, collectibles, and clean out the home entirely. You’ll typically be paid in cash within 48 hours. Homes often sell much quicker after doing this. If instead, we proceed with liquidating the estate, our process is below.

Estate Buyers Long Island NY

If you’re looking for the most reliable estate buyers long island has, it’s our team.  The goal of our estate liquidation is to appraise the sellable items, market them locally, and coordinate the residential sale. The preparation for an estate sale is a very involved process with many moving pieces, so it takes an experienced company to manage it effectively. Apart from national holidays, our Long Island and Queens liquidators work 7 days a week to ensure the absolute highest level of customer service.

If you’ve the decided to have an estate sale, the first thing we recommend is that you remove all the items you want to save. After that’s been done, our team of estate appraisers will research and price the possessions, organize the residence to promote more sales, advertise the event, and manage the sale over the course of a few days, depending on size. If you’re looking to earn the most money in the shortest period, this is how you do it; a garage sale will never be able to compete with this type of event. We will help you earn the most cash you can on all your antiques, collectibles, and other valuable items.

Estate Sale Preparation

The number one mistake family members and friends make in preparing for an estate sale is underestimating the value of the deceased’s possessions. As professional liquidators, our task is to sort through every belonging to determine (1) whether it’s sellable and (2) what its value is. Unfortunately, many people discard items that could have easily been sold or wildly underprice them. That’s why we recommend working with an experienced team who will take the time to research each item and determine its worth. Antiques and items of high value are prominently displayed, whereas non-valuables are often sold together in lots by category.

Advertising the Sale in New York City

Advertising the estate sale in New York City is the easy part for us because we have an established network of advertisers who promote our events through the local paper, news outlets, radio, and TV. We also have thousands of people all over Manhattan, Bronx, State Island, Queens, and Long Island that have signed up to receive our newsletter of upcoming sales. These individuals range from art collectors to eBay sellers to antique buyers to local realtors, so they’re all highly motivated to see what you have to offer. We also use our strong social media presence to push the event over multiple channels to maximize its exposure. Keep in mind that the perceived value of the event is much higher when a professional liquidation firm runs it; that one factor helps you convert far more assets into cash.

The Day(s) of the Event

The number of days needed for the event depends on the size of the home and the amount of contents it has, so each sale is unique. However, most sales occur in a day or two. Our team will take their places in designated areas to control the flow of people and ensure that the event runs smoothly. You have no need to worry about theft because we have teammates monitoring the guests. And, we set up a check-out area where customers can purchase the items they want. Based on our initial conversation about your needs, we will arrange for anywhere from a couple hundred to a few thousand people to attend the event.

Home Content & Estate Buyers and Liquidators in Long Island, Queens, and across New York City

While many NYC home content buyers will only purchase specific items, we buy estates in Long Island, Queens, and all over the 5 boroughs of New York City in their entirely. If the property is under $50,000, we can often pay you in cash within 48 hours. This saves you time and money because you no longer need to call numerous companies to sell your assets. In addition to purchasing the entire estate, we’ll also clean out the residence for the free, as fast as we can. Doing this helps your home sell faster in the local market.

One common concern is what to do with all the home’s furniture because there’s often a lot of it and it takes up a large amount of space. We can help with that too. Our estate furniture buyers purchase couches, sofas, beds, divans, tables, bookcases, chairs, ottomans, nightstands, and much more. We’ll ensure you receive a high cash value for each item you wish to sell.

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